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  • English

    Atum Management provides strategic career planning to help our clients with the direction they wish to take. Atum’s approach is planned to ensure they have a long and successful career, seeking out big oppurtunities and priding ourselves on challenges conqured.


    We offer independent support to clubs with regards to player acquisitions and valuations *via our official UEFA and FIFA Agents* and with our global network of football scouts and agents who provide a detailed player profile and market valuation, as well as suitability to your chosen league. We assist clubs with advice on player purchases and sales.


    At Atum we manage all aspects of contract negotiation and provide a first class legal service in relation to any legal requirements required, and aim to look after your personal management interests.



    * We additionally offer these management services on an individual basis

  • 日本語

    Atum Managementは、依頼者が望む方向性へ導く戦略的なキャリア計画を提供します。Atumの取り組みは、依頼者が長期的に成功する経歴を持つことを保障しようと計画し、挑戦が打ち勝つ大きな機会と誇らしい我々自身を追求しています。