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© Atum Management

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  • English

    Atum Management is an Artist and Sports Management company representing a diverse portfolio of clients from around the world.


    Our mission is to help our clients continuously grow and to achieve their goals.


    Inspired by our love of music and sports we have embarked on a mission to help dreams come true, nurturing raw talent and turning them into a healthy sustainable brand.


    We are more than just a company we are a family who value integrity, honesty, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect.


    Welcome to our Family "Atum Management"

  • 日本語

    Atum Managementは、世界中から依頼を受けた多様な作品の代理を務める、アーティストやスポーツの管理会社です。








    我らが「Atum Management」へ、ようこそ。